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What You Need to Know When it Comes to Building a Horse Run Shelter


Once you own a stable for your horses, you have to make sure that it is properly maintained so that your horses are healthy all the time. Aside from that, a sturdy and reliable shelter is also needed to prevent accidents from occurring. With the use of fly repellants, especially the disposable and compact ones, yu can keep the stable free of bugs or harmful insects. Moreover, building a stable that faces the wind is highly recommended since it can protect the horses from the wind, sun, and rain.


When it comes to the bedding that will be utilized for the stable, comfortable and warm materials should be used for it such as straw top, hemp, and rubber mat. Cleaning the stable regularly will also maintain a proper hygiene for the horses. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you will not leave any water behind simply because horses do not like standing in logged areas filled with water.


Using Concrete to Make Stable Flooring


In making a stable, you have to use standing stalls or loosebox and ties. Ideally, these loose boxes should have a measurement between 10 x 10 feet and 12' x 12' in size. In addition, you can use smaller standing stalls that has a length of approximately 8 feet long and a width of 4-5 feet.


Other than having a minimum width of 4 feet, the horse run shelter should have stall doors that you can swing or slide through. Furthermore, the alleyways, or the space between the stalls, must not have a width of less than 10 feet as well. Through this way, the horses gets to have an adequate space to be free and move around while they are inside the stable. Check out to understand more about horse stable.


With regards to the flooring of the stable, it is one of the most important things that you should take into consideration. The materials used for it should be made of concrete and its surface should be roughened and non-slip. This does not only ensure that your horses are safe, it also helps a lot in in maintaining them properly in the shelter. Purchase horse barns for sale here!


Bringing horses into the stall all night after turning them out all day is the most convenient routine that most horse owners do these days, especially if their horses are placed in a stable. For riding sessions, they have the option to bring out the horses earlier or later during the day. Buy stables for sale here!