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Horse Shelters - How Important Is This?


Horses that spend all day in paddocks can make use of some protection from bad weather, which is true especially in winter months wherein cold winds and snow may be painful and during summer season at the same time to which it can be extremely hot when you are in direct sunlight. In the event that there are no natural shelters in the field, then it's your job to plant a hedge or perhaps build a horse shelter.


If you chose to build or buy horse stables for sale for your horses, then there are a few things that you must be aware of. The best shelters are the ones that have 3 sides because this is giving maximum shelter from winds. The roof needs to have an inclination in order to facilitate rain water drainage and as for the size, it is going to depend on the number of horses that you have. Needless to say, the more horses you won, the bigger the stable has to be. Make it a point that the entrance is large enough to ensure that no horses will block other horses.


The material to be used for construction has to be chosen carefully because this supposed to shelter your horses and they can be abusive on the surroundings. Oftentimes, wood is a good choice as they're gentle to the horses if they kicked on it. For this reason, a good material that is properly mounted without sharp edges will do you a favor.


Last but not the least, you must pick a good location for the horse shelter. You want to put it so by that, the back is facing common wind direction. In addition to that, you want the shelter to be positioned in high spot in the paddocks. This is important to reduce the amount of mud as well as rain water in and around the horse shelter. The water will flow downhill so no matter what you do, never ever put it in a hollow spot. If you like to build a horse stable as another DIY project, then you better consider to include the shelters in your horse barn plan. Learn how to take care of horse stable with these steps in


If you are unsure of where to position your horse shelter on the other hand, then you might instead consider buying a shelter that can be moved. This will provide you with better flexibility that you need until you found the best spot to put it. Purchase mobile field shelters for sale here!